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1/18/18, Fox 40 News: "Dine Downtown at Paragary's


9/1/2017, KCRA: “How Paragary's handles its seasonal menu”

3/15/17. Sacramento Business Journal: "Paragary's to bring back swanky Spataro for one night


5/18/2016, Real Weddings Magazine: “Love You Till The End”

5/3/2016, Good Day Sacramento: “Infused Cinco Cocktails”

4/29/2016, SacTown Magazine: “Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at these five festive parties”

4/8/2016, Sacramento Business Journal: “Here’s the next step for Randy Paragary’s midtown hotel”

3/24/2016, SacTown Magazine: “Six last-minute brunches to book for Easter Sunday”

2/24/2016, Sacramento Business Journal, “Downtown concert venue sold to world’s largest promoter”

2/16/2016, Sacramento Business Journal, “Midtown hotel by Paragary gets favorable city response”

2/2/2016, Fox40 News: “Game day wings”

1/24/2016, KCRA News: “Fried Baloney sliders featured at Sacramento’s Bacon Fest”

1/8/2016, Sacramento Bee, “Eat ‘n’ drink: The local look ahead”

1/7/2016, Sacramento Bee, “Best bets (and beets!) during Sacramento’s Dine Downtown Restaurant Week”


07/05/2015, CBS 13, Paragary’s Referesh Adds to Sacramento’s Farm to Fork Cred

07/01/2015, Sacramento Bee, ‘”First Impressions: Revamped Paragary’s Adds a Touch of Paris”

06/11/2015, The Lipstick Giraffe, “Paragary’s Midtown Preview”

06/11/2015, City Scout, “Paragary’s Restaurant Preview”

06/11/2015, Sacramento News & Review, “Everything old is new again”

06/11/2015, Sacramento News & Review, “Game of forks: New empire builders transform Sacramento’s dining scene”

06/10/2015, Munchie Musings, “A Revamped Paragary’s”

06/08/2015, Sacramento Business Journal, “Paragary’s prepares to reveal ‘drastic’ remodel”

05/28/2015, Sacramento Bee: “Paragary’s restaurant prepares to show-off million dollar makeover”

05/28/2015,Sacramento Bee: “Feast Q&A;: Scott Ostrander on revamped Paragary’s”

05/05/2015, Fox40 News: “Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Centro Cocina Mexicana”

04/24/2015, Sacramento Bee: “Paragary’s hosts 3-day job fair for N. Street restaurant”

04/20/2015, Sacramento Business Journal: “Remodeled Paragary’s getting ready to open”

03/21/2015, Sacramento Bee: “The World According to Randy Paragary”

03/21/2015, Sactown Magazine: “Paragary’s to Reopen in May”

Feb/March 2015, Sactown Magazine: “Host of the Town”

02/06/2015, Sacramento Business Journal: “What’s Happening with Paragary’s?”

01/22/2015, Details Magazine: “The Most Anticipated Bars Openings of 2015”

01/12/2015, Cowtown Eats: “Paragary’s Bar & Oven Reopening Delayed”


10/06/2014, The Sacramento Bee: “Sacramento must take the tomato back”

09/28/2014, The Sacramento Bee: “Midtown’s Centro Cocina Mexicana still a sure bet”

09/23/2014, Imbibe Magazine: “Sacramento Drinks Scene”

09/16/2014, Sacramento Magazine: “Check Out Centro’s Infused Fruit Tequilas”

08/18/2014, Sacramento Business Journal: “Raise a glass to Midtown Cocktail Week”

08/13/2014, The Sacramento Bee: “Sacramento’s Centro Cocina Mexicana celebrates its 20th anniversary”

08/11/2014, KCRA News: “Centro Cocina Mexicana restaurant celebrates 20 years in Sacramento”

05/01/2014, Good Day Sacramento: “Kentucky Derby Party”

04/16/2014, Fox40 News: “Make The Perfect Hollandaise Sauce”

03/07/2014, Sactown Magazine: “Empty Bowls event dishes it up for a good cause”

02/26/2014, Fox40 News: “Cooking with Centro Cocina Mexicana”

02/21/2014, Fox40 News: “Red Velvet Cupcakes Without the Dye”

02/17/2014, The Sacramento Bee: “Paragary’s restaurant will close Feb. 17 for $600,000 makeover”

02/05/2014, Sacramento Magazine: “Try It: Café Bernardo’s Grilled Cheddar and Smoked Ham Sandwich”

01/26/2014, The Los Angeles Times: “A capital sojourn in Sacramento”

01/23/2014, Good Day Sacramento: “Bacon Cocktails”

01/20/2014, The Sacramento Bee: “Bacon inspires loyalty in Sacramento this week”

01/16/2014, Girls on the Grid: “Dine Downtown 2014 Runs Jan 8 – 17”

01/09/2014, Good Day Sacramento: “Smart Cocktails”

01/07/2014, The Sacramento Bee: “More highlights of 2013’s food scene: chef camaraderie, building bridges with other cities”

01/02/2014, Fox40 News: “Cooking with Hock Farm”


11/27/2013, The Sacramento Bee: “Counter Culture: New Cafe Bernardo serves up taste and tradition”

11/25/2013, The Sacramento Bee: “Dig in to this round-up of recent food news and hot links”

11/08/2013, Sacramento Business Journal: “Chatting with food secretary Karen Ross over lunch”

10/21/2013, Good Day Sacramento: “The New Cafe Bernardo”

10/11/2013, The Sacramento Bee: “15,000 say yes to rewards of Paragary’s iEat program”

10/08/2013, News10: “Sacramento mixologist brings the farm to the glass”

09/13/2013, Sacramento Business Journal: “Farm-to-fork is nothing new for area’s top chefs”

09/17/2013, KCRA News: “Whole wheat spaghettini with summer squash”

08/29/2013, Sacramento Business Journal: “Cafe Bernardo almost ready to open in Pavilions”

08/30/2013, Sacramento Magazine: “Drink Up”

08/07/2013, Sacramento Business Journal: “Pavilions adding tenants, including Cafe Bernardo, Soma by Chico’s”

07/02/2013, Comstocks Magazine: “Ad Hock”

06/21/2013, Sacramento Magazine: “5 Fabulous (and Seafoody) Sandwiches”

05/21/2013, Fox40 News: “Duck Confit with Braised Cabbage”

05/20/2013, KCRA News: “Cafe Bernardo chef discusses grilling techniques”

05/15/2013, Girls on the Grid: “Spring is Nature’s Way of Saying: “Let’s Party!””

05/06/2013, Remodelista: “A Modernist Farm in Town”

05/03/2013, SacFoodies: “Cinco de Mayo Events in Sacramento”

04/23/2013, Sacramento Magazine: “First Bite: Hock Farm Craft & Provisions”

04/23/2013, Farm to Fork Capital: “Sacramento Farm-to-Fork Restaurant Opens This Week: Hock Farm Craft & Provisions”

04/22/2013, Sacramento Press: “Chef’s Tasting with Hock Farm’s David LaRoche”

04/22/2013, Sacramento Magazine: “First Bite: Hock Farm Craft & Provisions”

04/12/2013, Cowtown Eats “Instant Reaction: Hock Farms Craft & Provisions”

04/20/2013, Farm to Fork Capital Blog: “Sacramento Farm to Fork Restaurant Opens This Week: Hock Farm Craft & Provisions”

04/10/2013, Sacramento Magazine: “Hock Farm Craft & Provisions to Open Thursday”

04/10/2013, Capitol Morning Report: “Keeping Up”

04/09/2013, Cowtown Eats: “Dining News: Hock Farm to Open Thursday”

04/08/2013, The Sacramento Bee: “New restaurant seeks to bridge downtown, midtown”

04/06/2013, The Sacramento Bee: “New restaurant seeks to bridge downtown, midtown”

03/27/2013, SacFoodies: “Tequila Primavera at Centro”

03/27/2013, Sacramento Press: “Sacramento tour company pairs history with food”

03/21/2013, The Sacramento Bee: “Casual restaurants recover faster from recession, Randy Paragary says”

03/14/2013, Sacramento Press: “Spataro moves over for farm-to-fork restaurant”

03/13/2013, The Sacramento Bee: “Sacramento’s Spataro to close and become separate restaurant and nightclub”

03/13/2013, Cowtown Eats: “Dining News: RIP Spataro, Hello Hock Farm Crafts & Provisions”

03/13/2013, Sacramento Business Journal: “Spataro closing, to rebirth as farm-to-table restaurant, bar”

03/03/2013, The Sacramento Bee: “Pavilions shopping center planning a comeback in Sacramento”

02/08/2013, The Sacramento Bee: “Many more Valentine’s dining options out there”

01/31/2013, Girls on the Grid: “GOTG Favorites: Brunch”

01/17/2013, Sacramento Business Journals: “Cafe Bernardo leases David Berkeley Fine Wines site at Pavilions Shopping Center”

01/17/2013, The Sacramento Bee: “Randy Paragary’s Cafe Bernardo will open in Pavilions”


11/18/2012, The Sacramento Bee: “Pizza: Bee’s critic lists his area favorites”

12/01/2012, Sacramento Magazine: “Try It: Café Bernardo’s Carrot Cake”

12/04/2012, The Sacramento Bee: “Cosmo Cabaret closing, but Paragary says he’ll fill the space”

12/10/2012, SacFoodies: “Snickerdoodle Cupcake”

12/21/2012, The Sacramento Bee: “Night Life: Eclectic tastes satisfied at KBAR”

05/26/2012, Sac Foodies: “Sacramento Wine & Dine Week”

05/16/2012, Modesto Bee: “Cosmo Transformed into a Cafe Bernardo”

05/15/2012, The Sacramento Bee: “Cafe Bernardo opens with an outdoor patio and longer menu”

05/09/2012, Sacramento Press: “K Street’s resurgence”

05/03/2012, Sacramento Press: “A look at KBAR in downtown Sacramento”

05/01/2012, Sacramento Magazine: “Check it Out: Paragary’s Outdoor Dining Patio”

05/01/2012, Sacramento Magazine: “Cafe Bernardo debuts new downtown location”

05/01/2012, Downtown Sacramento Partnership: “Cafe Bernardo on K & KBAR Now Open”

01/10/2012, Downtown Sacramento Partnership: “Dine Downtown Menu Preview: Spataro Restaurant and Bar”

04/30/2012, Girls on the Grid: “Sacramento’s Best Patio Bars/Restaurants”

04/23/2012, Sacramento Business Journal: “Sneak peek: Newest Cafe Bernardo”

04/18/2012, Sacramento Business Journal: “Cafe Bernardo almost ready to open at former Cosmo Cafe”

03/29/2012, The Sacramento Bee: “Side Show”

01/09/2012, Burger Junkies: “Esquire Grill Prix Fixe Menu Preview for Sacramento’s Dine Downtown Week”


12/20/2011, The Sacramento Bee: “Dine Downtown specials coming in January”

12/19/2011, Sac Foodies: “Last-Minute Gift Idea: Local Roots Food Tour”

12/19/2011, Sacramento Press: “Holiday drinks that warm the soul”

12/07/2011, Cowtown Eats: “RIP Cosmo Cafe, Welcome Cafe Bernardo”

12/06/2011, The Sacramento Bee: “Paragary’s Cosmo Cafe to close and become a Cafe Bernardo”

12/06/2011, Sacramento Business Journal: “Cosmo Cafe to close”

11/24/2011, Sacramento News and Review: “Hide your kids, bring your wife”

11/11/2011, Sacramento Press: “Local blog tracks restaurants, happy hours”

11/1/2011, The Sacramento Bee: “Restaurants near Capitol cash in on politcal mingling”

10/27/2011, Cowtown Eats: “Try It: Spataro’s Polpettini”

10/24/2011, Sacramento Magazine: “Try It: Spataro’s Polpettini”

10/23/2011, “Culinary walk features more than food”

10/10/2011, Capital Public Radio: “Local Food a Hit at New Airport Terminal”

10/6/2011, The Sacramento Bee: “Opening goes well, for the most part, at Sacramento airport Terminal B”

10/5/2011, The Sacramento Bee: “It’s takeoff time for Sacramento International’s new Terminal B”

10/05/2011, The Sacramento Bee: “Recession takes a bite out of Sacramento Restaurant Scene”

10/05/2011, Sacramento Magazine: “Origins of Sacramento Food Tour”

10/2/2011, Sacramento Press: “Community Day gives locals a preview of airport’s new Terminal B”

10/2/2011, The Sacramento Bee: “Sacramento eateries, retail shops have presence in new airport terminal”

09/21/2011, CBS Sacramento: “Restaurant Review: Cafe Bernardo R15”

09/14/2011, Sacramento Magazine: “Centro’s Anniversary Weekend”

09/12/2011, The Sacramento Bee: “Restaurants at new airport terminal readied for opening”

09/12/2011, Modesto Bee: “Restaurants at new airport terminal readied for opening”

08/19/2011, The Sacramento Bee: “Counter Culture: Plenty of good food on the lunch parade”

08/26/2011, Sacramento Press: “Brunch Round-Up”

08/19/2011, Cowtown Eats: “Paragary’s to close next year for two month remodeling”

08/18/2011, The Sacramento Bee: “Paragary’s restaurant to shut for two months for extreme makeover”

08/25/2011, Cowtown Eats: “Free Gift Card from Paragary’s Restaurants for Checking-In on Social Media”

08/03/2011, The Sacramento Bee: “For freshest produce, some Northern California restaurants grow their own”

08/03/2011, The Sacramento Bee: “Recipe: Shaved Vegetable Salad”

07/26/2011, The Sacramento Bee: “California Capitol empties for rare summer recess”

07/20/2011, The Sacramento Bee: “Early start for Day of Tequila”

07/20/2011, Sac Wine Region: “Early start for day of Tequila”

06/23/2011, Cowtown Eats: “Free Fries or Olives at Paragary’s During Happy Hour Today”

06/23/2011, Cowtown Eats: “Daily Dining News”

06/22/2011, The Sacramento Bee: “Recipe: Brownie Bites”

06/22/2011, The Sacramento Bee: “Recipe: Frozen Espresso Mousse”

06/22/2011, The Sacramento Bee: “Early to bed, early to rise”

06/17/2011, Sacramento Business Journal: “Officials will let restaurants slide on food-handler card”

06/02/2011, Sac Foodies: ”FOODTALK@CAFEBERNARDO”

05/25/2011, Sacramento Press: “FoodTalk: A conversation about people and food”

05/15/2011, The Sacramento Bee: “Cookbook swap and sale”

05/12/2011, Sac Foodies: “Charity Uncorked from the Paragary Restaurant Group”

05/10/2011, The Sacramento Bee: “Dogs often welcome at area eateries with outdoor tables”

05/09/2011, The Sacramento Bee: “Back-seat Driver: Call airport with food order, get delivery at gate”

05/09/2011, The Sacramento Bee: “Cookbook swap, food chats abound at FoodTalk@Cafe Bernardo”

05/03/2011, Sac Foodies: “Cinco de Mayo Events in Sacramento”

04/29/2011, Sacramento Press: “Tequila tasting in Sacramento”

04/29/2011, Sacramento Press: “Celebrating Cinco de Mayo in Sacramento”

03/11/2011, Sac Foodies: “St. Patrick’s Day Events in Sacramento”

03/09/2011, Sac Foodies: “Wordless Wednesday: Cafe Bernardo’s Irish Car Bomb Cupcake”

02/09/2011, Sac Foodies: “Valentine’s Day Events in Sacramento”

01/19/2011, Sac Foodies: “2011 Food Trends to look out for in Sacramento”

01/01/2011, Sacramento Magazine: “Try It: Cafe Bernardo’s Eggs and Chicken Apple Sausage”

01/05/2011, Downtown Sacramento Partnership: “Dine Downtown Menu Preview: Paragary’s”


12/10/2010, Sacramento Business Journal: “When working through it doesn’t work”

10/22/2010, Sacramento Business Journal: “Shout it out: signage helps brand a business, gets message out to customers”

10/06/2010, Sac Foodies: “Foodie News Bites: Keeping you in the Know on Sacramento Restaurant News”

10/03/2010, Sacramento Business Journal: “Tempering party time: restaurants, hotels accommodate scaled-down office holiday celebrations”

09/28/2010, The Sacramento Bee: “Make a winning ceviche with raw fish, cirtus and spices”

09/28/2010, The Sacramento Bee: “Paragary’s restaurant empire set to take off to Sacramento airport”

09/24/2010, The Sacramento Bee: “Your Guide: What’s Sactown’s signature dish?”

09/11/2010, Sacramento Press: “Centro Cocina marks 15 years amid neighbor concerns”

08/01/2010, Sacramento Magazine: “The Margarita Gets a Makeover”

07/07/2010, The Sacramento Bee: “These tables have location, location, location”

06/25/2010, The Sacramento Bee: “Night life: Great American eats found at happy hours”

05/14/2010, The Sacramento Bee: “Enjoy Amgen Stage 1 finish from a bar stool in Sacramento”

04/06/2010, Sac Foodies: “Wine Tasting 101”

04/01/2010, Sacramento Magazine: “The Dining Divas: Spataro Restaurant and Bar”

02/24/2010, Sacramento Magazine: “Reliable Brunching at Cafe Bernardo”

02/01/2010, Sacramento Magazine: “Indescribably Delicious”

01/22/2010, Cowtown Eats: “Paragary’s Bar and Oven”

01/13/2010, The Sacramento Bee: “The Goof Life: Dining with Divas a real bump”


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