What's your favorite cocktail?

In celebration of Sacramento Cocktail Week (August 14-19), we asked some of our team members to name their favorite cocktail from their bar or restaurant.

All cocktail recipes on our menus are created by our beverage director, Brad Peters. While our menus include many classic cocktails such as a margarita or a Manhattan, Brad combines his knowledge of the history of spirits and classic cocktails with modern twists. Brad is an expert at taking a basic cocktail formula (base liquor, sour, and sweet) and elevating it with special ingredients like house-made infusions that cannot be enjoyed anywhere else!

Let's start with one of Brad's favorite cocktails, Cuffs and Buttons, from Paragary's restaurant. Brad enjoys this cocktail, not just because it tastes great, but because of the history of the concoction.


Who doesn't love a good margarita? Kevin Escalante, bartender at Monkey Bar, is definitely a fan of the house-infused Margaritas because they go great with the new street tacos on the bar menu. Stop by on Tuesdays after 3pm for $2 tacos paired with Kevin's favorite margarita!


Moscow Mules are the drink of choice for Jen Lewis, assistant manager at KBAR. Moscow Mules are a combination of vodka and ginger beer. Jen love them because the ginger beer is such a versatile mixer and the mule is a good example of how it goes with everything. A couple variations on the Moscow Mule are the Kentucky Mule (made with whiskey), and the Mexican Mule (with tequila). Being a former bartender, Jen really knows her stuff!

Have you ever tried the Basil Cooler from Berkley Bar? Bar manager, Eli Bob highly recommends them because it is a great drink, sourced with seasonal and fresh juices and basil. Sounds refreshing during these hot summer days!

Twenty years ago, a second Cafe Bernardo location was opened in Davis, California. Being home to the UC Davis Aggies, the college town was the perfect place to introduce the famous Wiki Wacky Woo (the drink we made famous!). This potent drink is a mix of vodka, gin, rum, tequila, pineapple juice, OJ, cranberry juice and a Bacardi 151 float in the straw. Let's just say things can get pretty wacky if you have more than two!


After spending about 40 years helping to create the thriving restaurant and bar scene in Sacramento, Randy Paragary, owner of Paragary Restaurant Group, knows a thing or two about cocktails- and he is a Manhattan man. His favorite Manhattan can be found at Esquire Grill. Randy also enjoys indulging in the Negroni from Hock Farm.

We hope you enjoy one (or two!) of these fabulous cocktails on your next visit with us! Cheers!


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