Vaneli’s Coffee

In early September, we visited Vaneli’s Coffee in Rocklin, CA for a tour and tasting. Vaneli’s is a small batch custom roastery that specializes in the highest level of quality coffee and fine espresso blends.


Each coffee used in their blends is roasted separately and blended by hand to achieve a wonderful balance and complex flavor. Sometimes, they’ll roast a sample batch 8-9 different times to discover the best roasting techniques for that particular blend. This slow, labor-intensive method makes for unique, incredible coffee and espresso blends.


Vaneli’s founder and owner, Gene Lemos, has been roasting coffee since 1978 and is constantly traveling the world find the best coffee beans for his company.


Vaneli’s roasts their coffee in a gas-fired drum roaster with skill and a tireless attention. They produce about 1,300 pounds of coffee each day and distribute it both nationally and internationally.



If you’re ever in the mood for a high quality coffee beverage or espresso, stop by any Paragary Restaurant Group location!


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