The Perfect Progressive Dinner Out on the Town

Sacramento has an overwhelming amount of choices when it comes to planning a night out on the town. The thought of picking just one destination can be quite daunting. The good news is you don’t have to commit to just one when you plan a “progressive” night out.
Progressive dinner parties allow guests to sample courses from a variety of cuisine. While they typically take place in residential homes, it would make for a fun night to create your own progressive dinner night on the town.
We suggest starting in a place with a fun, laid-back atmosphere like KBAR on the corner of K and 10th Streets. This is a great spot to start with some bar bites such as a Burrata & Arugula Pizza with house-made tomato-basil sauce, garlic and olive oil. The creamy burrata cheese is like a party in your mouth and the peppery flavor from the arugula adds the perfect touch. Burrata happens to be lower in fat and calories than most other cheeses and arugula also happens to be low in calories and loaded with nutrients. This light pizza is the perfect start to your progressive dinner.


You should also not leave KBAR without trying their Joy Ride. This delicious cocktail makes for a great aperitif, or “before dinner drink”, because it is made with gin, Aperol and fresh lemon juice. Apertifs, such as Aperol, tend to be more dry than sweet and are typically drunk before dinner because they can stimulate the appetite. This makes the Joy Ride the perfect cocktail to prepare your appetite for the next couple of courses.

Joy Ride” cocktail made with gin, Aperol, & fresh lemon juice.

One of the enjoyable parts of a progressive dinner is getting to work off each course as you stroll over to the next location. We recommend you enjoy your main course at Esquire Grill on the corner of 13th and K Streets.
You will not regret ordering the Grilled Wild King Salmon served with Ratatouille, salsa verde and zucchini chips. For those of you who thought Ratatouille was only a Disney movie, it is a traditional French Provencal stewed vegetable dish, where each vegetable is sautéed solo to enhance their flavor before their complimenting essences are combined. Pair this dish with a glass of Hall Sauvignon Blanc from Napa Valley, CA. Your palate will thank you for the citrus flavors of ruby grapefruit and peach with hints of white pepper.


Wild King Salmon from Esquire Grill

The Grilled Beeler Ranch Pork Chop served with roast peaches, sweet corn, succotash, and balsamic syrup is another phenomenal entrée choice. The roasted peaches on this dish get their superior flavor from Twin Peaks Orchard in Newcastle, CA. While many items on Esquire Grill’s menu are from local farms, Beeler Ranch is based in Iowa and is known for its compassionate treatment of their naturally raised pigs. The Navarro Vineyards Pinot Noir from Mendocino, CA is the perfect complement to this dish with its hints of raspberry, plum, dried cherry and toasty oak.


Grilled Beeler Ranch Pork Chop from Esquire Grill

Your progressive dinner night out would not be complete without dessert from Hock Farm on 14th and L Streets. The dim lighting makes for the perfect atmosphere for your last stop. The only problem you will have with this location is actually choosing a dessert because they are all phenomenal. You can’t go wrong with Crème Brulee served with seasonal fruit, or the Warm Almond Cake served with bruleed nectarines, vanilla gelato, toasted pistachio & caramel. Both desserts just melt in your mouth and are guaranteed to be a satisfying way to end your night out.


Warm Almond Cake from Hock Farm

Hock Farm’s Original Formula Manhattan is the ideal nightcap. This perfect cocktail is made with J.E. Pepper rye whiskey, Vya sweet vermouth, Small Hand Foods gum syrup, & house blend citrus bitters.
The rose garden in Capital Park makes for a lovely stroll to top off the perfect night out on the town.


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