Spice it up at Centro Cocina with Alexis Johnson, server extraodinaire!

Centro Cocina Mexicana, located on the corner of 28th and J Street, has been a staple in midtown Sacramento for over 20 years. Centro is committed to serving fresh, authentic dishes that represent the regional cuisines of Mexico. Of course, no Mexican restaurant would be complete without a wide array of tequila. Centro takes the tequila game one step further by creating their own infused tequila using fresh fruit, rotating the flavors weekly.


When you visit a place like Centro, where everything on the menu sounds like it will hit the spot, it is nice to have knowledgeable and gracious servers to help guide you through the menu and create a memorable experience. One of the servers at Centro who can do that the best is Alexis Johnson.

Alexis will be celebrating her eight year anniversary at Centro in October 2016. Alexis has obtained side jobs over the years – she currently also serves at Low Brau – but she considers Centro her home and loves the people she works with. If you a regular during weekday lunches, she is likely to remember not just your name, but also what you enjoyed on your previous visit.


Let’s learn some more about Alexis….
Q: Where can we find you when you are not at Centro, or Low Brau?
A: Outside of work, I can usually be found the crossword or reading a book at Temple on S Street (the patio is lovely). I also love going to Giants games and spending time at the ocean or mountains when I can get out of town.
Q: What is something you cannot live without?
A: Books…and wine!
Q: What are some things you are scared?
A: Being stagnant and doing nothing scares the hell out of me. Life is so short. That and flying insects.
Q: What was the first concert you attended?
A: Tool at Memorial Auditorium…and I was hooked on live rock music after that.
Q: What is the best advice you have received?
A: Find something wonderful about every day. They’ll stop coming eventually.
Q: What is your all-time favorite food?
A: In N Out Burger! Oh, and the Cochinita Pibil from Centro…i love it!


Q: What is the best part about working for Paragary Restaurant Group?
A: Definitely all the rad spots to grab dinner and drinks. All my friends love Centro and I’m always eating there.
Q: What was your first job?
A: Mucking Stalls..$2 a stall, baby! Other than that, 31 Flavors, scooping it up!
Q: What is your favorite cocktail?
A: Gin & Tonic
Q: What is your favorite restaurant in the Paragary Group?
A: CENTRO baby!
Q: What is your favorite food related show?
A: Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain is amazing!
Q: What are some of your indulgences?
A: Wine & chocolate in bed, and Temple cappuccino. And I know I said it already, but In N Out bugers!
Q: What is your favorite thing about living in Sacramento?A: The trees, man! Also, the great new spots opening up, and everyone is so friendly and happy to be here.


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