Matters of the Heart

From laughter, walks in the park, love and chocolate, February is the official month for celebrating American Heart Health and that very special day, Valentine’s Day. Celebrate your heart today and every day with the following tips:

Your heart loves a good belly laugh. Laughter is great medicine by helping to reduce stress, improve oxygen flow to the heart and it even helps burn a few calories. Watch a funny movie and see how you feel afterward. Your heart will thank you.
Exercise your heart with both slow and vigorous movements. Exercise promotes a healthier resting heart rate, burns excess stored fat from the body, which in turn will improve the heart’s circulatory capabilities. Get your heart pumping and it will help keep you moving for the long haul.


Good nutrition is cardio-protective. Eating heart healthy foods will promote longevity in life and minimize illnesses. The heart benefits from consuming foods rich in omega-3 fats such as wild salmon and walnuts, and foods rich in CoQ10 (a heart healthy antioxidant) such as broccoli and oranges. Enjoy a small dose of antioxidant rich dark chocolate this month, too. Your heart will soar.


Practice stress-free living. You’ve probably heard the phrase “Stop and smell the roses.” That’s because enjoying nature, the sunshine and fresh air are stress-relieving activities that help reduce blood pressure and benefit your heart long-term. So does a good night’s sleep – don’t skimp on these important heart healthy activities. Your heart beats nonstop; it deserves a stress-free break from the daily grind.

Bring on the love. Spending time with others, enjoying friendships, and playing with the kids and pets are great opportunities to emotionally connect and that is good for the heart. Schedule outings with friends, romantic candle-lit dinners with your someone special, and walks in the park. When you feel love, your heart celebrates. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Paragary restaurants have many wonderful heart-healthy meals, candlelight tables, alfresco dining, and some good old fashioned laughter for you this month. Visit one of their many locations. Celebrate you heart and it will bring you joy for a lifetime!


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