The Owners


“A haven of sustenance, libation and hospitality”

Randy Paragary’s first establishment was a 1969 sort of Never Never Land for baby boomers called The ParaPow Palace. This now legendary local basement oasis for musicians and independent-minded young adults (often of the long-hair persuasion) is long gone. But the same maverick spirit and quest to fill a void in the community is still alive and thriving today for the Paragary Restaurant Group.

We are very proud of the diversity of our locations. We have invested abundant thought, time, energy, vigilance and resources to create unique locations that enhance the urban landscape and represent high quality. And we sincerely thank the people of our community who have reciprocated by embracing us as a vital element of the local dining and entertainment scene.

If you have not visited one of our locations yet—come on in. Get to know us. Then come back often. Get to know each other.


Randy has been a pioneer of the local nightlife scene since 1969. Since then he has worn many hats: Saloonkeeper. Attorney. Restaurateur. Entrepreneur. Husband. Father. Community Board Member. Mentor.

He has always been his own boss in a very tough business, but is not just a one-man band.

“People are very passionate about their dining and nightlife experiences,” says Randy, “and it takes the combined individual strengths of the partners in our group to satisfy that passion.”

“We understand the excellence in product it takes to establish and maintain a customer base. Just as important, we understand that it takes a small army of people—everybody from host or hostess, server, cook, and busboy to dishwasher—to not only get food and drink in front of the customer but also surpass their expectations. And we strive to provide this small army the proper training and environment in which they can succeed, and enjoy themselves at the same time.”

Key to Randy’s success is his familiarity with ‘All Things Sacramento’ and his embrace of innovation and risk. He is a graduate of CSUS and the McGeorge School of Law. He spearheaded the arrival of Sacramento nightlife with The Arbor in 1974 and Lord Beaverbrooks in 1975, two leading establishments of their time. And for the next 30 years helped convert Sacramento into the thriving community it is today.

Randy has a reputation of going into neighborhoods and improving their collective dining as well as retail business. He has worked with the city to redevelop areas such as the now bustling pedestrian mall on K Street and recreated a South of Market vibe at 15th and R Streets.

“We have taken some chances with location and menus,” says Randy, “while emphasizing the basics: quality food and service. The look is also very important today because the standard is constantly being raised. But we make changes to better the experience, not for the sake of change. And we thank our customers—neighbors, celebrants, businessmen, tourists, and people just out searching for a good experience—for supporting not just our venues, but also our vision of what Sacramento can be.”


While her two partners are entrepreneurs in the purest form, Stacy Paragary brings formal business training and a more structured corporate background in business environment to the party.

“Randy and Kurt are big thinkers and creative forces here and I try to pull it all together and keep things focused,” says Stacy. “There are really no constraints for them. Establishing and maintaining a group of such diverse restaurants is a hard road that requires an amazing amount of work. We have merged our individual strengths into a team that strives to perpetuate the highest quality level of dining, ambiance, and fun.”

Stacy’s affection for style and architecture shines through in the design process.

“Design has been a passion of mine,” says Stacy, “and I suggested that we hire interior and architectural designers to help bring our concepts and ideas alive. I think the Sacramento market has matured and craves sophisticated design to compliment great food. I prefer design that is stimulating visually as well as functional.”

While co-managing the day-to-day operations of the Paragary Restaurant Group, Stacy balances her personal and professional union with Randy.

“Randy has taught me much of what I know about the business,” she says, “but I still have a strong opinion and we play devil’s advocate to each other. We bounce ideas around constantly. We share a passion for success, but don’t really have a lot of time to drive each other crazy. Once a week we have a date night. We also spend time at our Lake Tahoe cabin and enjoy boating and skiing. And business always take a backseat to family.”

Stacy, an Oregon native, moved to Sacramento after graduating with a major in Marketing from the University of Oregon. Stacy and Randy Paragary live in Sacramento with their son, Sam.


Kurt Spataro is a self-taught cook always searching for new things. He believes that his approach to both classic and modern cooking have many influences, Julia Child (The French Chef) and Graham Kerr (The Galloping Gourmet) are among them. And Kurt’s experience with the food and culture of countries such as Italy, France, Mexico, Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Thailand is invaluable to the diversity and regional focus of Paragary Restaurant Group food concepts.

“I’ve always been interested in the origin of food, how it is raised, and where it is raised,” says Kurt, “and it seems like the public is now becoming more aware of that school of thought. This adds an exciting element to the dining experience.”

“As chefs, we search for new sources of food and inspiration,” says Kurt, “but we primarily celebrate our local products. Sacramento Valley may not pop into mind as one of the culinary hotbeds in California or the world, but in terms of agriculture, it really is. We grow some of the best produce on the planet and our menu development is inspired by and takes full advantage of native seasonal ingredients.”

Native also applies to Kurt himself. Born and raised in Sacramento, he is a graduate of CSUS. A lifelong musician, Kurt played piano and guitar in numerous local bands and continues to play music today. He is an avid snow skier and surfs along the Northern California coast.

“As Executive Chef,” says Kurt, “I supervise, teach, coach, and develop concepts with my chefs. We focus on the customer experience and how to communicate the uniqueness of our dining concepts to them. And I hope they leave with a positive feeling, and anticipating to come back.”

Kurt is a member of culinary advisory boards for American River College and the Elk Grove School District. In addition, he is a member of the American River College faculty. Kurt remains actively involved in several philanthropic foundations. Kurt and wife Kitty O’Neal live in Sacramento with their four cats, Rudy, Daisy, Sammy and Giorgio.


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