Berry Healthy


With the warm weather approaching, berries are in full bloom in most parts of California. From blue, red and black-colored berries, the health benefits of these delicious low carbohydrate fruits can bring a boost to your immune system, your metabolism and help regulate blood sugar levels. Berries are full of rich antioxidants that help prevent inflammation in the body, which can lead to premature aging and disease. Let’s discuss a few of these super food fruits.
Red raspberries top the list for naturally rich sources of fiber, about 8 grams per cup, which is more than any natural grain and without a large carbohydrate burden. This super antioxidant rich fruit has a powerful ability to suppress inflammation in the body, which can ward off diabetes, improve arthritis and cardiac health.
Most scientifically known for their benefits in cognitive improvement and protecting memory-associated brain regions, beautiful blueberries also have the ability to block enzymes in the intestines that promote carbohydrate absorption. This helps reduce the amount of sugar stored as fat, which can improve weight loss efforts.
Strawberries, one of the most popular berries in the world, are also one of the richest sources of Vitamin C, containing approximately 84 mg in one cup. This low-carb fruit only has 10 grams of carbohydrates in one cup, 5 of which are fiber. Containing rich amounts of folate and potassium make this super food a wealth of health, from reducing the risk for cancer, including breast and colon, to inhibiting tumor growth.
Stay young, mentally alert, and healthy by making berries part of your daily food intake. And it’s is so simple to incorporate them into meals. Toss them into a salad, boil them down to make a natural jam, blend into a Greek yogurt smoothie, or add some whipped cream atop a freshly rinsed berry medley for a delicious, simple dessert.

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