The Owners

Paragary Restaurant Group — 3 Partners, 1 Vision

“A haven of sustenance, libation and hospitality”

Randy Paragary’s first establishment was a 1969 sort of Never Never Land for baby boomers called The ParaPow Palace. This now legendary local basement oasis for musicians and independent-minded young adults (often of the long-hair persuasion) is long gone. But the same maverick spirit and quest to fill a void in the community is still alive and thriving today for the Paragary Restaurant Group.

We are very proud of the diversity of our locations. We have invested abundant thought, time, energy, vigilance and resources to create unique locations that enhance the urban landscape and represent high quality. And we sincerely thank the people of our community who have reciprocated by embracing us as a vital element of the local dining and entertainment scene.

If you have not visited one of our locations yet—come on in. Get to know us. Then come back often. Get to know each other.